The Best Lighting Fixtures for Better Energy Efficiency

The Best Lighting Fixtures for Better Energy Efficiency

Lighting your home, during these darker months is a must, but there’s different types of light fittings that are energy efficient and can save you money. If you happen to be using standing lamps or flush-mounted fixtures, there are some small changes you could make to increase their efficiency and make the lighting more effective.

Creative energy efficient lighting solutions

Being energy efficient means that you’re trying to reduce the amount of electricity or gas you’re using which allows you to save money in the process. You could further increase your saving by been creative and using energy-efficient lighting, which could be setting your lighting to the correct ambiance in order to meet your functional and decorative needs. Here are a few small changes that can help you save energy.

Choose the best energy efficient bulbs

If possible, its’s best to swap from the classic incandescent bulbs to the more energy efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs whilst providing the same quality light.

Furthermore, LED’s produce very little heat so the bulbs are much cooler than incandescent bulbs, which can get very hot. This means that the majority of the energy produced to power the bulbs is being converted into light energy with the LED bulb, whereas a good portion of the incandescent bulbs energy is been converted into heat. Also LED lasts a lot longer than incandescent bulbs, with the life expectancy of an LED bulb anywhere between 15-25 years.

Use dimmer switches

By using a dimmer switch, you can reduce the amount of energy going to the bulb, meaning that you can choose the amount of light you need. Another benefit of using a dimmer is that it can extend the life of the bulb; because the light shining at a lower output will last a lot longer than a bulb shining at its full output. LED lights are highly recommended when using a dimmer switch as they use very little energy at full output, so teaming this with a dimmer will only increase energy saving.

Timer controlled lighting

It’s possible to use timers to control your lighting, this can be done with modern features such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, or in a slightly older manner by using traditional timers that can plug into electrical outlets, but don’t worry, both old and new save exactly the same energy. The benefits of using the older method is that it’s relatively inexpensive, easy to program and serve the same purpose as the newer methods.

By using timers, it helps you save through turning your lights on and off when you actually need them. Some people like to leave a light on at home when travelling to deter burglars meaning this could add up to a significant energy cost and usage. With timers, you could program it for your lights to come on and off at regular intervals to save money.