Busting Heating Myths: Let’s Improve Your Knowledge!

Busting Heating Myths: Let’s Improve Your Knowledge!

It’s starting to get cooler outside, if you start improving your knowledge on your central heating system now, you could save money over the next few months, when heating is more in demand!

A survey taken by the Energy Saving Trust indicated that four in five Britons believe they understand their heating system, with half misusing their energy by reaching for the thermostat. In this blog, we look at the most common questions in regards to central heating and help sort the fact from the fiction.

The temperatures dropping outside – should the thermostat go up?

There should be no need to up your thermostat, the temperature inside will stay exactly the same as long as your household is well insulated – so there’s no need to turn it up all the time.

If I turn the thermostat up, will it heat the room faster?

Some homeowners think that turning the thermostat up will circulate the heat faster in any room, when in fact all it’s doing is making the rooms hotter and putting more stress onto your central heating system to acquire the targeted heat.

Is it better leaving the heating on a low, constant setting?

Again, people think that leaving your heating on at a low temperature is better than turning it on and off again. But this isn’t the case, as people are increasing their energy bills and achieving no benefit from doing this – especially when no one’s at home!

Are portable heaters cheaper to run than central heating?

Normally it’s best to use your central heating to heat your home. But if you only want to heat individual rooms and not the whole household, try and use thermostatic valves on radiators, as portable heaters run on electricity, not gas, and can be very expensive.