Are Your Home Appliances Using More Energy Than Stated?

Are Your Home Appliances Using More Energy Than Stated?

A new European study indicated that a lot of household appliances are using more energy than stated on their labels.

It seems that some manufacturers are learning to ‘play’ the system; by testing appliances in laboratory conditions rather than real-world usage, meaning appliances such as washers when used outside of a controlled environment, use more energy. This is becoming a concern for the consumers because their energy bills will be higher than they should be, and it’s down to labels’ false advertising

What we’re asking for

It’s currently a crucial time for appliance companies as the energy labels are finally moving back to the simplified A-G format instead of A+++ ratings. With the change in the labels, to ensure that the customers are actually receiving the correct energy labelled product, the product tests now have to be used as an average consumer would do in real life. When this comes into effect, it could mean that any new appliances you purchase could reduce your energy bill and improve your carbon footprint.

Maintaining standards in a changing market

It must be stressed that independent product testing must continue to ensure that the results are not biased. Technology is constantly advancing and at quite the pace, the market surveillance needs to keep up with these developments to ensure no corners are been cut.

For example, the regulations based on TVs that was set in 2014 was already outdated two years later in 2016. The regulatory bodies must ensure that they’re keeping up with the different fast-paced marketplaces. The testing on products and standards are very limited. The regulators should focus their attention on the products that are widely owned and are constantly changing.

Rooting numbers in the world

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that laboratory testing isn’t enough anymore. Today’s appliances need to be monitored under consumer usage to ensure transparency. The last time electrical consumption on appliances was tested was through a major survey in 2011. Appliances have advanced thoroughly over the past few years and will continue to develop at a fast pace in the future. We believe that these major surveys should be done more frequently to ensure that the monitoring stays at a good standard.

Raising awareness

There are companies that can help you focus on what energy performance certain appliances should be running at, dependent on the energy labels. This could help you see whether or not your appliances are working to the standard they should be performing at.